Friday, May 23, 2008

The Ditty Bops

The Ditty Bops
The Ditty Bops is a band from Los Angeles, California that play a blend of folk, bluegrass, jazz, swing music, ragtime and musical theater. They are headed by Abby DeWald (vocals and acoustic guitar) and Amanda Barrett (vocals, mandolin and dulcimer). They are noted for their excellent harmonies and generally playful style and tempo.

The Ditty Bops formed in New York City, when Abby and Amanda were on a hunt for a friend’s lost cat. When they stumbled into the backyard of a stranger, they discovered that he was a musician and an avid guitar collector. He encouraged them to form a band and start playing. So began the Ditty Bops.

The Ditty Bops appeared with Tori Amos in 2005 while promoting their first eponymous album. Since then they have released a second album, Moon Over the Freeway, and the freshly released Summer Rains
I bide my time while biting my tongue
Hold closed my mouth so song is unsung
Get to the meat of things already
With buried secrets the ground is heavy
There's a Girl
Sister Kate

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