Saturday, June 14, 2008

Valerie Remix

'Cos since I've come on home, well my body's been a mess
And I've missed your ginger hair and the way you like to dress
Won't you come on over, stop making a fool out of me
Why won't you come on over Valerie, Valerie?

Valerie by Mark Ronson ft Amy Winehouse and Baby J

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As a child, I knew
That the stars could only get brighter
That we would get closer
Get closer
Leaving this darkness
Now that I'm older
The stars should lie upon my face
And when I find myself alone
I feel like I
I am blind

Blind by Hercules and Love Affair

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Young Folks: Kooks Version

If i told you things i did before,
told you how i used to be,
would you go along with someone like me?
If you knew my story word for word,
had all of my history,
would you go along with someone like me?

Young Folks by The Kooks

Young Folks by Peter, Bjorn and John

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The Magic Numbers

The Magic Numbers
The Magic Numbers are a four piece British indie band of New Zealand origin originating from Ealing, London. The band consists of two brother-and-sister pairs, Romeo Stodart (guitar, lead vocals) and his sister Michele (bass, vocals), and Sean Gannon (drums) and his sister Angela (percussion, melodica, vocals), who came together as a band after Romeo and Sean started writing songs together. They are currently signed to Heavenly Records, and their self-titled debut album was released on 13 June 2005. Singles from that album have included Forever Lost, Love Me Like You, Love’s A Game and I See You, You See Me. Later on that year they recorded a new song, Gone are the Days, used on the War Child charity album Help! A Day in the Life

In 2005 they supported Athlete, Doves, and Brian Wilson, and played the Glastonbury Festival to a fantastic reception. August saw the band play at the dual-venue V Festival in Chelmsford and Staffordshire and Leicester’s Summer Sundae.

The band have since released their second album, Those The Brokes in November 2006, and the Undecided EP in September 2007.
Tell my you've changed full to the game, I'm not the one you want.
It's like my heart aches with each knock that you make, I was born to love alone.
Forever Lost
Mornings Eleven
Take A Chance

New Ashley Tisdale: Too Many Walls

Too many walls have been built inbetween us
Too many dreams have been shattered around us
If I seem to give up they'll still never win
Deep in my heart I know the strength is within

Too Many Walls (Cathy Dennis cover) by Ashley Tisdale

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Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke
Robert Charles Thicke (pronounced “Thick”) (born March 10, 1977 in Los Angeles, California) is an American songwriter and R&B singer. He is the son of soap-opera actress/vocalist Gloria Loring and Canadian actor, songwriter and game show host, Alan Thicke. Robin clearly follows in his parents footsteps and is a producer/actor/singer/songwriter in his own right. Robin performed solely using his surname, Thicke, until 2005. In 2000 Thicke went to work on material for his debut album, initially entitled Cherry Blue Skies. The album focused more on blue-eyed soul, than his pop-offerings for other artists. Mixing in influences from British funk outfit Jamiroquai and sounding like his blue-eyed contemporary, Canadian neo-soul singer, Remy Shand, the album was tipped for huge things and to be released in the fall of 2002.
Lost Without You

Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Cyndi Lauper

Into The Nightlife by Cyndi Lauper

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Nicole Atkins

Nicole Atkins
Nicole Atkins’ music is a blend of the decades and an expression of the images that many of us share in our memories. Both playful and tragic and never cynical. Nicole draws upon the documents left us by heroes such as Roy Orbison, Phil Spector, Nina Simone, The Kinks, David Lynch, as much as her own experiences learning from the new heroes like Stephen Malkmus, Wilco, Lucinda Williams…
Don't tell me
My love's not the one that I want
That he's not the one that I need
I'd rather find out for myself
The Way It Is
Party's Over

The Submarines

The Submarines
The Submarines is composed of John Dragonetti, who previously preformed as Jack Drag, and Blake Hazard, great-granddaughter of F.Scott Fitzgerald. The romantically involved couple collaborated on Hazard’s 2002 album “Little Airplane.” Following their breakup, the album “Declare a New State!” was created in 2006, with many songs written separately while they were apart, as well as a new band. They are now married.

The song “Brighter Discontent” was featured in the much-anticipated season finale of the FX hit series Nip/Tuck on Tuesday, December 12 2006. Instead of dialogue, the cast lip-synced the entire 4-minute, 30-second song, as the lyrics strongly reflected what their characters are experiencing.

“We’re thrilled and honored to be part of the Nip/Tuck finale and in such a dramatic way,” comments Blake Hazard before the finale. “I can’t wait to watch this climactic moment in a great show, and to have our song be so involved in it! We made this album in such a DIY way, through a very intimate and ‘home-made’ sort of process, it’ll be really exciting to see the song translated into another emotional atmosphere.”

The Submarines released their debut album Declare A New State earlier 2006 on Nettwerk Records. A sonically exhilarating parallel journey of two songwriters going through the same heartbreaking experience, Declare A New State resulted from Hazard and Dragonetti’s break-up. Their split triggered a prolific period of songwriting and recording for both-and the process eventually brought them back to each other again.
Everyday I wake up,
I choose Love
I choose Light
And I try, it's too easy just to fall apart
You, Me, and the Bourgeoisie
Brightest Hour

Lost in the Wrong Decade

The Puppini Sisters
The Puppini Sisters are a trio of the Italian Marcella Puppini and English Stephanie O’Brien and Kate Mullins with “harmonies so tight you could bounce a baby off them”. The group was founded by Marcella after she was inspired by the film Belleville Rendezvous. The Puppini Sisters’ debut single, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, is a cover of the iconic hit single by The Andrews Sisters, and although the three are not actually related; they name themselves so in tribute to The Andrews Sisters. Marcella, Stephanie and Kate studied music at Trinity College of Music in London, where Marcella graduated in 2003. The Puppini sisters are currently supported by a 3 piece band featuring the talents of Martin Kolarides on Guitar, Henry Tyler on Drums/Percussion and Upright Bassist Nick Pini.

Their second album The Rise & Fall of Ruby Woo was released on October 15th 2007.
First he held me lightly and we started to dance
Then he held tightly what a dreamy romance
And he said "Hey, baby, it's a quarter to three
There's a mess of moonlight, won't cha share it with me"
"Well" I answered "Baby, don't cha know that it's rude
To keep my sisters waitin' when they're in the mood"
In The Mood
Walk Like an Egyptian
Crazy (Beyonce Cover)

Walter Meego

Walter Meego
It’s 3 AM and you’re giggling with inebriation. You’re wearing painfully tight jeans. You just made out with a complete stranger on the dancefloor, and you haven’t sat down in over eight hours. Where are you? You are smack in the middle of Walter Meego’s world, and you have a knowing, gleeful smirk on your face.

Walter Meego is not a dude, but a duo. Justin Sconza and Colin Yarck, the heart and soul (respectively) of Walter Meego, are two rare suburban white boys who intuitively understand the subliminal power of synthy, salacious bass. Effervescent pop is Walter Meego’s specialty, and it flies out of speakers like a Pegasus riding a cheetah.

Google Walter Meego. Go on, Google them. You’ll find page after page of glowing promise, blog after blog of hyperbole. It’s because Walter Meego pull from a rainbow of inspiration, attractive to anyone who has affixed a critic’s cap. Their live show (featuring a third member, Andrew Bernhardt) is an electric revival meeting, and the band has completed a few hotly attended full-US tours (most notably with The Presets and VHS or Beta). For Walter Meego’s audience, the delicious body-jacking beats are just the beginning.

Vocalist Justin Sconza has a voice that floats in and out of sounding like a mixture between Riff Raff from Rocky Horror Picture Show and a helium-sucking John Lennon. His voice is ear-pricking and ultimately exhilarating. Band backbone Colin Yarck is a knob-manipulating marvel.
You know I'll wait forever
If I have time to
But I don't have forever
To wait for you yeah
So when I say I want
Us to be together
Just say you want me too
And I'll be yours forever
Through a Keyhole

Youre Gonna Love Me

Youre Gonna Love Me by De Agtige

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