Saturday, December 6, 2008

Its Not Me, Its You + The Fear Music Video

Weird Story. I was listening to an Amy Winehouse song (Stronger ) as one of my friends approach me and asked what's Winehouse strongest song to boot. She was making a playlist or slidehow of some sort, I couldnt remember the specifics.

Note: We spoke in our own vernacular language but these are translated for your own cause.

Me: Hmmm, try her songs from her latest album (Back to Black)....

F: I dont want to listen to the whole album. Can you just give me mp3s or do you think I should just go with Rihanna, Britney or other artist with a more respectable rep?

Me: What's that got to do with her music?+/-

F: Oh, sorry. I knew you have a soft spot for bizarre artists. You know drugs and all.

Me: What? I listen to all kinds of music. Why did you think that?

F: Duh, everyone knows that...
So, are you lending me those mp3s?

I remembered this conversation a while ago, and wondered if there's any sense to it. I started researching every artist I have grown fond over the years and indeed found some not so-so good details. Lets not forget that almost all musicians or artists has issues. That's what gives edge and layers to their pieces.

Newsflash: I also like Lily Allen.

Several new songs of Lily Allen just surfaced for her upcoming sophomore album, "Its Not Me, Its You" which will be released February 9, 2009,. For the past months shes been partaking singles through her myspace. Popjustice had given a lot of reasons why you should love the new album. My take on the other hand is, Allen doesnt seem to fail to reverend me with her ridiculous antics while keeping her enjoyable and strong direct on music.

Life's about film stars and less about mothers
It's all about fast cars and passing each other
The Fear
GWB (Fuck You Very Much)
Everyone's At It
I Could Say
Who'd've of Known

Yes, were still on speaking terms with that friend of mine.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Since I had pretty neglected posting regularly, maybe its right to give you a proper opt. If ever I continue on posting on this basis, be sure to check out following volumes of this segment before the end of the year. Also dont fret, Id reserve a farewell post for 2008.
In the meantime, enjoy!
P.S. Im not shutting this blog down, Im too in love with Metaphor. We'll get through this. Haha.


Little Joy is Binki Shapiro, Rodrigo Amarante (Singer/Guitarist of Los Hermanos) and Fabrizio Moretti (drummer of The Strokes). While you're waiting for the The Strokes' new album, listen to this band. Take heed that Little Joy has stripped off affiliations from any band's style, their sound is original.

Its not enought to say that does
if nothing ventured, nothing learned
Its how it's always been
The Next Time Around
Brand New Start
How To Hang A Warhol
Dont Watch Me Dancing


Bon Iver is to release new EP this January, entitled "Blood Bank" and will consist of four songs, yes, only four songs. He had one of the most unforgettable albums this year so hopefully, "Blood Bank" is set to transfixed us yet again.
I tell my love to wreck it all
Cut out all the ropes and let me fall
Blood Bank
Skinny Love
For Emma


What pushes these songs past mere worship involves cunning collisions of robust rhythm, caressing noise, and heavenly melody, with each element equally crucial. Psychedelic. Alpinism. Modern individualist. School of Seven Bells.
One day, suddenly, time
took a turn that once felt so brief
I blinked to see polite ghosts fading quickly
Half Asleep
Face to Face on High Places
My Cabal


This was sent to me a couple of months ago but ignored it til now. You know how it is. Im not so much of a fan of "Fascination" but "Quicksand" is such a gem so maybe I should give her a chance. She is predicted by music critics to pave way into the scene for 2009 along with slightly resembling contender, Little Boots.
Oh I could let you stay
But I’m walking on broken ground again
Oh, oh when will I learn?
Quicksand ( autoKratz Drags to Riches remix)


Im guilty with this one. I only heard "Cross the Dancefloor" and it entirely blew my mind and left it soaking on the edge of sanity. You should check it out.
Let me see you move it shake it cross the dance floor
Hey boy watch me move it shake it cross the dance floor
Little Boots - Meddle (Treasure Fingers Remix)
Cross The Dancefloor (Designer Drugs Remix)
Come True Tonight (dub mix)
Delegate Your Turn
100% (Treasure Fingers’ B-Live Pemberton Mix)


Charlyn Marie Marshall or Chan is the name under Cat Power. She started performing way back on 1994. Chan disappeared from the musical scene after that, planning to permanently retire from music but during a sleepless night resulting from a nightmare, she started writing songs again. She just released "The Greatest", consisting of her versions of classic songs.
Do you remember
When we met
That's the day
I knew you were my pet
Sea of Love
After It All
Metal Heart
The Party
Still In Love
Wonderwall (Elements of Noise Remix)
Dark End of the Street (James Carr, Aretha Franklin)
Hard Times In New York (Bob Dylan Cover)


This synth-pop trio has an intriguing name since they are a Brooklyn-base band. Blogs have been circulating remix tracks of Au Revoir Simone along with their love for the band. Powered by vintage keyboards, a lockstep beat box, and gorgeous, wide-eyed warbling, the Simones create make-out music for your inner android. What? I think, they mean these remixed tracks are lovely as hell.
Sometimes I want to be enough for you
Lark (Ruff and Jam mix)
The Way To There (Mark Anthony Tieku remix)
Paris (Aeroplane and Friendly Fires Cover)
Sad Song (Pacific! Remix)
Fallen Snow (Redux)
A Violent Yet Flammable World (Remix from Reverse Migration)


The Chunk of Change was originally put together as a Valentine’s Day present to Angelakos’ girlfriend. After being prompted to send it to others, the production of the brief, sporadic, and explosive recording of the EP followed. It worked towards the development of Angelakos’ signature euphoric and blissfully melancholic sound. Thus, Passion Pit was born.
And everything is going to the beat
And everything is going
Cuddle Fuddle
Better Things
Smile Upon Me
Ive Got Your Number

I couldnt love her more.


Only Yelle can undertake a Katy Perry track, turn it into an awesome euphony and still maintain that cool flair. This track is just oozing with Yelle's playfulness.

Hot N Cold via !tashed

Even Kanye?

A Cause de Kanye

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Musiq Soulchild

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Musiq Soulchild, a soulstar bred and cultured mostly in Philadelphia is set to realease his new album this 9th of December entitled, "On My Radio". He claims claims he had developed a sound by fusing together the essence of "Soul Music" with "Funk" rules and "Hip Hop" swagger. On my opinion, the preceding statement evidently sums up his unique artistry.+/-


This track is a collaboration between Soulchild and India.Arie and is said to be Arie's single for her album, "Testimony Vol. 2. Love and Politics". This one's riveting smooth with Soulchild included in it. Others preferred her earlier works but this ones alright with me. The lyrics also is squeamish and over-the-top but I like it.

I don't mean to be decadent,
I might sound like a hedonist.
Chocolate High via hardcandymusic