Saturday, December 6, 2008

Its Not Me, Its You + The Fear Music Video

Weird Story. I was listening to an Amy Winehouse song (Stronger ) as one of my friends approach me and asked what's Winehouse strongest song to boot. She was making a playlist or slidehow of some sort, I couldnt remember the specifics.

Note: We spoke in our own vernacular language but these are translated for your own cause.

Me: Hmmm, try her songs from her latest album (Back to Black)....

F: I dont want to listen to the whole album. Can you just give me mp3s or do you think I should just go with Rihanna, Britney or other artist with a more respectable rep?

Me: What's that got to do with her music?+/-

F: Oh, sorry. I knew you have a soft spot for bizarre artists. You know drugs and all.

Me: What? I listen to all kinds of music. Why did you think that?

F: Duh, everyone knows that...
So, are you lending me those mp3s?

I remembered this conversation a while ago, and wondered if there's any sense to it. I started researching every artist I have grown fond over the years and indeed found some not so-so good details. Lets not forget that almost all musicians or artists has issues. That's what gives edge and layers to their pieces.

Newsflash: I also like Lily Allen.

Several new songs of Lily Allen just surfaced for her upcoming sophomore album, "Its Not Me, Its You" which will be released February 9, 2009,. For the past months shes been partaking singles through her myspace. Popjustice had given a lot of reasons why you should love the new album. My take on the other hand is, Allen doesnt seem to fail to reverend me with her ridiculous antics while keeping her enjoyable and strong direct on music.

Life's about film stars and less about mothers
It's all about fast cars and passing each other
The Fear
GWB (Fuck You Very Much)
Everyone's At It
I Could Say
Who'd've of Known

Yes, were still on speaking terms with that friend of mine.

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