Saturday, August 23, 2008

Random Post: The Housemartins- Build

The Housemartins- Build


Different artists have been surfacing in the blog world lately. Others are extraordinarily good and some are...mediocre or too much indie. I have even featured others here. Now, Im giving you a rundown of some and their tracks with their latest album. Do they deserved the fuss? You find out.

Not in particular order.

The Ting Tings (We Started Nothing)

The Ting Tings are an English electropop band, with Dear Eskiimo’s Jules De Martino (drums & vocals) & Katie White (vocals, guitar & bass drum). They formed in 2006 while based in Islington Mill, Salford. The Ting Tings’ first single “That’s Not My Name” was released on local label Switchflicker, and together with their second single “Fruit Machine”, were on heavy rotation in British radio (amongst others BBC 6 Music, played regularly by many DJs including a session for Steve Lamacq), are considered indie music hits. “Fruit Machine” was a limited-edition, 500-only seven-inch single on Legendre Starkie Records, which was only available at the group’s gigs at Islington Mill in Salford, Eleckrowerkz in Islington, West Germany in Berlin and at Glasslands in Brooklyn, New York City.

They call me 'hell'
They call me 'Stacey'
They call me 'her'
They call me 'Jane'
That's not my name
That's not my name
Shut Up And Let Me Go
That's Not My Name
Great DJ
Fruit Machine
Be The One


The Walkmen (You and Me)

The Walkmen are five New Yorkers who have played rock music since they were 10 years old. All five originally hail from Washington, D.C. where they attended the same high school and played in several bands. Over the years, and in their many ensembles, they’ve experimented with punk, noise, a lot of “garage” sounds, ska, and rock.
I know that it’s true
It’s gonna be a good year
Out of the darkness
And into the fire
I tell you I love you
And my heart’s in the strangest place
In The New Year
Four Provinces
Dónde está la Playa
Red River
On the Water
Postcards From Tiny Islands

Bloc Party (Intimacy)

Bloc Party are an English indie rock band. In 2005, the band released their critically acclaimed debut album Silent Alarm. Their second studio album, A Weekend In the City was released on February 5, 2007 in the United Kingdom and February 6 in the United States. A third album Intimacy was released in August 2008 for download and is set for a CD release on October 27.
This is not the time, the time to start a new love
This is not the time, the time to sign a lease
Try not to worry about what`s forgotten
Try not to worry about what`s being missed
Trojan Horse
Ion Square
One Month Off

Lykke Li (Youth Novels)

Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson (born March 18, 1986 in Stockholm, Sweden), better known by her stage name Lykke Li, is an indie singer. Li released her first album, Youth Novels on LL Recordings in the Nordic region on 4 February 2008, prior to a wider European release this June. The album was produced by Björn Yttling (of Peter Bjorn and John) and Lasse Mårtén. It was released in the United States on 6 May 2008. The 2007 EP “Little Bit” had some success on its release. Stereogum named her an artist to watch in October 2007, describing her music as a mix of soul, electro and powdered-sugar pop.
A little bit in love with you
But only if you're a little bit
Little bit
Little bit
In lalalala love with me
Little Bit
Im Good, Im Gone
Breaking It Up
Dance Dance Dance
Let It Fall
Window Blues

MGMT (Oracular Spectacular)

MGMT is a psychedelic synthpop group formed in 2002 in Brooklyn, New York, United States. The band consists of multi-instrumentalists Andrew Vanwyngarden, originally from Memphis, Tennessee, (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Ben Goldwasser (vocals, keyboards, synths, drums), both alumni of Wesleyan University. Their most popular songs are “PlayTime to Pretend” (featured on the motion picture “21” and on the TV shows “Skins”, Gossip Girl” & “90210”, (the music video has reached over 4,000,000 views on YouTube) and “PlayElectric Feel”, their most purchased single on iTunes.
You were a child
Crawling on your knees toward it
Making momma so proud,
But your voice is too loud
Electric Feel
Time to Pretend
The Youth
Pieces of What

TV On the Radio (Random)

TV on the Radio is a Brooklyn-based band that was formed in 2001. Their music is difficult to classify and is often described as art rock or post-punk, but is educated by a diverse spectrum of styles including freeform jazz and a cappella music, psychedelia and trip-hop, modern soul and classic ’90s indie rock, giving them a unique and original sound.
My mind has changed
my bodys frame but god i like it
my hearts aflame
my bodys strained but god i like it

Wolf Like Me
Dry Dunk Emperor
Staring at the Sun
Young Liars
Golden Age

Ladyhawke (Ladyhawke)

Ladyhawke is Pip Browne, a 26 year old New Zealander. After spending time in Sydney in various bands, she has upped sticks even further still, and now resides in London.As a music-obsessed child with very musical parents (step-father a drummer, mother a singer), she soaked up everything from the 70’s and 80’s. From Stevie Nicks and Joan Jett to Nirvana and Hole with Van Halen and Deep Purple in between. The result is a refreshing blend of rock, dance and classic song writing. As well as writing PlayBack of the Van, Pip also plays the drums, guitar and synth on the track.
All of the boys and the girls here, in Paris.
Sing to the night without sight, but with madness.
I can't keep up, I'm a wreck, but want it.
Tell me the truth, is it love or just Paris?

Paris is Burning
Dusk til Dawn
Paris s'enflamme
Professional Suicide
Back of the Van
Embrace (PNAU)

Cansei de Ser Sexy (Random)

TV on the Radio is a Brooklyn-based band that was formed in 2001. Their music is difficult to classify and is often described as art rock or post-punk, but is educated by a diverse spectrum of styles including freeform jazz and a cappella music, psychedelia and trip-hop, modern soul and classic ’90s indie rock, giving them a unique and original sound.
CSS owes a lot of its success to word-of-mouth promotion on the internet, starting with the Trama Virtual website, a kind of Brazilian MySpace. A live performance in 2004 at Tim Festival on the same stage as 2 Many DJ’s and Kraftwerk increased their fanbase. In 2005, they signed with trama virtual and in October of the same year their first album was released in Brazil.
Backwards straight to the dance floor
will you still be waiting for me? will you still be my friend?
i don't wanna bug you
All these crazy, crazy ideas
For i know this ain't a good place for us to talk
Jager Yoga
Left Behind
Lets Reggae All Night
Music is my Hot Hot Sex
Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above

My Morning Jacket (Evil Urges)

My Morning Jacket is an American rock band. Formed in 1998 in Louisville, Kentucky, the band consists of five members — singer/songwriter/guitarist Jim James, bassist “Two Tone” Tommy, drummer Patrick Hallahan, guitarist Carl Broemel, and keyboardist Bo Koster. The band is best known for their reverb-soaked sound and their enthusiastic live shows. My Morning Jacket is signed with ATO Records.
Things they’re saying--
Evil urges baby; they're just part of the human way
It ain't evil baby, if ya ain't hurting anybody
Evil urges baby; they're now part of the human way
It ain't evil baby, if ya ain't hurting anybody, anybody

Evil Urges
Im Amazed
Touch Me Im Going to Scream Pt. 2
Sec Walkin
Aluminum Park

Lil' thanks goes a long way...

Skins The Soundtrack


I know you have been waiting for this... so here it is!+/-

Standing In The Way of Control- The Gossip
Positive Tension- Bloc Party
Date With The Night- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Prince Charming- Adam & The Ants
Dart for My Sweetheart- Archie Bronson Outfit
Mongrel... Meets His Maker - DJ Shadow
Hell Around The Corner- Tricky
Colourful- Skreaming Naked
Witness (1 Hope)- Roots Manuva
Totally Wired- The Fall
May You Never- John Martyn
You Look Great When I'm Fucked Up- The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Wild World- Mike Bailey

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Skins is The Best Show Ever!



Ok maybe not the best, but its certainly on the top of my current list. Why?
Gossip Girl encountered its fair share of criticism about its sex, drugs, and other vaguely inappropriate content when it premiered last Fall. But frankly, the Upper East Siders have nothing on the cast of Skins, the British show that premieres Sunday on BBC America. This show takes the limits of American TV and stomps all over them — and that's even without the edited-out language and nudity.+/-

Skins, which just wrapped up its second season in the UK, is the rare show about teenagers that's actually written by people who remember well enough what it was like to be one: The show's writing staff has an average age of 22. The main character is Tony (played by Nicholas Hoult, aka the little kid from About a Boy — just try to get your mind around that one), the hottest and most popular guy in town; he, of course, has a gorgeous girlfriend, Michelle, to go along with his status. And then there's Sid, Tony's nerdy friend, who enlists Tony's help in losing his virginity in the first episode and somehow ends up buying a large quantity of weed. Sid's maybe the most relatable character of the bunch, but the one I loved the most in the first episode was Cassie, a spacey, anorexic, drug-addled beauty who thinks everything in the world is beautiful — except, possibly, for herself.source

You should check out the show guys. This show is a gem. I cant believe I have gotten hold of this series just lately. But I must warn you first that one must be open-minded and must have mature mindset to enjoy this show.

Watch this finale of series 1 where the cast was singing "Wild World". So Genius and creative!
Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world
It's hard to get by, just upon a smile
Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world
I'll always remember you
Like a child, girl

Wild World (Skins)
Wild World- Cat Stevens

Season 2 trailer


You can watch the whole series here.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Geeks Were Right


Eyeballs float in wet green grass
I got a chainsaw motor thats filled with rain...proof
when it sings like bach with eyes all bulging
when the pink sun drops the eyelids fold
while I'm in deep REM sleep or twilight zones
I take a freight elevator and press fast forward
I get to grind these teeth and beat through time
If I could bring things back they'd be that WILD

When I saw the future the Geeks were right

The Geeks Were Right by The Faint

Click to download.

Operator Please


Operator Please
Operator Please is a five-piece band from the Gold Coast that formed early in 2005. Their adventure began when Elanora High School was holding its annual Battle of the Bands competition. They released their third single Just A Song About Ping Pong in Australia, debuting at #15 on the ARIA charts. +/-

They also released Just A Song About Ping Pong in the UK, released their second EP Cement Cement in Australia, played Splendour In The Grass, opened for Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs and Maxïmo Park. Virgin Blue recently release their next two-year campaign based around Operator Please’s song “Get What You Want”.

Disappointed you know there's never gonna be a cheery face inside this crowded room. Think you're the shit now because my lingo is so out of the loop why yes I'm out of the loop.
Let's turn our noses up become a snob because we're treading on rooves cause we're so fucken cool. Oh give the act up you know you're geeks that conglomerate in the city we speak of.

Get What You Want
Two For My Seconds
Just A Song About Pingpong
Crash Tragic
Leave It Alone


The Orion Experience


The Orion Experience
In a time when music becomes so easily formulaic and repetitive, listeners are constantly looking for something new. Something refreshing. Something so far removed from shoe-gazing alt-rock that it’s almost unrecognisable. Enter the Orion Experience. This band is a welcome splash of colour on an otherwise grey soundscape. 2007 sees the New York outfit’s debut offering, Cosmicandy, and it’s galacti-licious!+/-

The album could not have a more apt title—it’s sugar-sweet and vaguely futuristic, yet succeeds in bringing back memories of a simpler time (namely the era of 1970s roller-disco). Cosmicandy is flawless in its delivery, bringing soothing harmonies and a contagious positivity. It leaves a pleasantly treacly sheen around your mouth, and will have you craving more.

Where's the life that was promised to me by my color T.V.
Where did it all go wrong?
How could I be alone again on this day?
On this accursed day.
So naïve, such a fool to believe, I could ever receive,
Anything better than this.
Where's the love that can make it all go away?
Where are you when I need to hear you say…

Turn around, I'm right behind you.
Don't be afraid, I'm here to remind you.
I'll be there to catch you when you fall.
Dry your eyes, it's not so bad at all…

Well it's all made up, it's imaginary.
There's no love in February.

Obsessed With You
White Lies
No Love In February
I Love the Stars
Your New Boyfriend

cosmicandy is here!

She Will Grow On You


Solange Piaget Knowles-Smith (born June 24, 1986 in Houston, Texas) is an American actress, R&B singer and songwriter. She is the younger sister of R&B/soul singer and Destiny’s Child member Beyoncé Knowles.

I'm a cool low Jane
With a skip on my feet
I play tough as nails
With my heart on my sleeve
Nothing but a sandcastle
Baby don't blow me away

You're a old school dude
With a kick on your shoes
You got crews and your handles
When you spin those tunes
Nothing but a sand castle
Baby don't blow away

I Decided
Sandcastle Disco
F*@k The Industry (Signed Sincerely)