Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Skins is The Best Show Ever!



Ok maybe not the best, but its certainly on the top of my current list. Why?
Gossip Girl encountered its fair share of criticism about its sex, drugs, and other vaguely inappropriate content when it premiered last Fall. But frankly, the Upper East Siders have nothing on the cast of Skins, the British show that premieres Sunday on BBC America. This show takes the limits of American TV and stomps all over them — and that's even without the edited-out language and nudity.+/-

Skins, which just wrapped up its second season in the UK, is the rare show about teenagers that's actually written by people who remember well enough what it was like to be one: The show's writing staff has an average age of 22. The main character is Tony (played by Nicholas Hoult, aka the little kid from About a Boy — just try to get your mind around that one), the hottest and most popular guy in town; he, of course, has a gorgeous girlfriend, Michelle, to go along with his status. And then there's Sid, Tony's nerdy friend, who enlists Tony's help in losing his virginity in the first episode and somehow ends up buying a large quantity of weed. Sid's maybe the most relatable character of the bunch, but the one I loved the most in the first episode was Cassie, a spacey, anorexic, drug-addled beauty who thinks everything in the world is beautiful — except, possibly, for herself.source

You should check out the show guys. This show is a gem. I cant believe I have gotten hold of this series just lately. But I must warn you first that one must be open-minded and must have mature mindset to enjoy this show.

Watch this finale of series 1 where the cast was singing "Wild World". So Genius and creative!
Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world
It's hard to get by, just upon a smile
Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world
I'll always remember you
Like a child, girl

Wild World (Skins)
Wild World- Cat Stevens

Season 2 trailer


You can watch the whole series here.


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