Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the blog that is Metaphor


I know how it feels.

Sometimes radio just don't fulfill your music obsessions.

Some artists and songs don't get the love they deserved.

This blog features songs you've never heard before or you've overheard before.

These songs are my personal picks as a music enthusiast and will definitely blow your mind.

Stop listening to crap.

Stop criticizing.

Start enjoying music.
I hope you'll enjoy your stay.

As always, if you want me to feature your music, promote any album or upcoming event, want to remove any mp3 or link, have an awesome site you want me to check out, maybe send goodies my way and want someone to talk to (hah.), kindly send an email.

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Daniel said...


just wanted to let you know that this is my very favourite blog.
you really got an exellent taste in music, keep it up!

love from hamburg


Lili Chou said...

Thanks Daniel. I cant believe hamburg or one citizen there loves my blog, lol.

blese said...

awesome blog, love the music!

Lili Chou said...

Glad to know you like the blog Blese.

Thanks and peace.

Pasyon, Emmanuel C. said...

as always - isang mabangis, malinis at tunay na mabalasik na layout. simply beautiful, beautifully simple.

(naglalaway na naman ako sa inggit)

Lili Chou said...

malinis naman rin sayo Emman. At mabalasik ang laman. Naglalaway rin ako kapag binabasa ko. hehe

Rick89 said...

i never knew you were so pretty Lili. :)

Love the blog. Godbless.

Lili Chou said...

Lol. Thanks Rick89.

april said...

hello there :)
just want to give you props for the extensive musical taste..great blog you got here, only some of the links don't work. :| is it just me?
was hoping to get an mp3 of the asteroids galaxy tour from your october post, however it says file not found :(

now your About page says we'll work something out !
LOL now where to go from here?

hope you have a lovely day :)

Lili Chou said...

thanks April..hehe. yes im a filipino.

bout the mp3s, just drop your mail add and i would send the mp3s. my links crashed weeks ago and im still looking for a proper mp3 host. sorry. some links are hard to recover to say at least.

God bless. :)

april said...

aw thanks. appreciate it.

april said...

just wanna say got em mp3s. thanks that was really fast ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, great blog. You featured some great mixtapes a while ago, which is why/how I found you.

You, along with PrettyMuchAmazing, provide me with a bunch of new and interesting music. So... thanks!

Lili Chou said...

Thanks Ben! To be leveled with PMA, is a great feeling. Hehe.

Christabel said...

Hi there,

I discovered your blog today and I must say that I just love your music taste. I love it here and I am sure I will visiting your space very very often, thanks a lot for what you do...

If I can recommend something, there is a new Peter Cincotti album called East Of Angel town. I am absolutely in love with it. :) I know it's not exaclty what you post in here but I love so much of the stuff you post here so maybe there is a chance you might like this kind of music too, you never know.. :)

I'm so glad to know this place, Great music... ^^

Love from Warsaw, Poland ;)

Anonymous said...

damn good blog, you have now provided me with many many bands to be obsessed with. Maybe too many.

Thanks for sucking up all my time with music.



Keep up the awesome work ;)