Friday, July 11, 2008

He's Not Only Good Loooooking....

Jon Mclaughlin
Jon McLaughlin (born September 27, 1982) is a piano-playing pop/rock singer-songwriter from Anderson, Indiana. His debut album Indiana was released on May 1, 2007, preceded by his first EP Industry, also known as Jon McL, in February, 2007. In 2008, McLaughlin returns with “Beating My Heart”, now available on iTunes. The song is a part of his new album is called OK Now, confirmed on his official site.

Playing piano since early childhood, Jon McLaughlin grew up in Anderson, Indiana. He didn’t want to take piano lessons anymore and was always finding ways to get out of doing so. While attending Highland High School, McLaughlin shattered both wrists in an accident that interrupted his musical expression. Rediscovering “his muse,” McLaughlin attended Anderson University to study music.[2] He released an independent album entitled, “Up Until Now” in 2003. This quickly led to McLaughlin becoming the first artist to sign on with the school’s burgeoning, if not local, record label, Orangehaus Records. The self-titled album released in 2004 to local and regional praise. He began touring, traveling throughout the Midwest and working up a grassroots following.
There's a sun coming over the horizon.
I wanna know where its coming from,
but doesnt everyone?
Its like who am I,
and why am I here.
Beating of My Heart
So Close
Beautiful Disaster
The Way
Until You Got Love


No you were never second best.
Wouldn’t let you settle for less.

Beautiful by G. Love ft. Tristan Prettyman

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Just a Random Entry...

The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony

Sing with me.

Introducing Solange

I decided that you are the him for me.
Oh my boy

I Decided by Solange

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Some of you may not have heard this song. Honestly, the song itself doesn't appeal to the mass-stereotype-thing if you know what I mean. But I do feel this is her best song to date(pre-crack/rehab days). Its just ironic the lyrics are more appropriate to her ongoing situation now. I still love her though, even with cuckoo nest hair or with no teeth at all. Ha! Just as long she's making good music, what the hell. Its her life nonetheless, and I think she knows what's right.

When you walk in the bar,
And you dressed like a star,
Rockin' your F me pumps.
And the men notice you,
With your Gucci bag crew,
Can't tell who he's lookin' to.
Cuz you all look the same,
Everyone knows your name,
And that's you whole claim to fame.......

F*ck me Pumps by Amy Winehouse

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Sweet About Me

Sweet about me, nothing sweet about me, yeah.

Sweet About Me by Gabriella Cilmi

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Oxford Comma

Who gives a f*** about an Oxford comma
I've seen those English dramas too
They're cruel
So if there's any other way
To spell the word
It's fine with me, with me

Oxford Comma by Vampire Weekend

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Estelle, Not A One Hit Wonder

As one of the most respected British hip-hop artists to emerge in recent years, Estelle enjoyed success in the UK with her 2004 hits 1980 and Free. But this was just preparation for even more success, the single American Boy with Kanye West topped the UK Charts for several weeks in April 2008. To date, she has released two albums, The 18th Day (2004) and Shine (2008). Estelle’s unique sound is gathered from many musical corners from gospel to motown, with rimshot-peppered jazz skits, dramatic, string-laden orchestral productions, and sultry ballads thrown in for good measure.

Yeah, she's the one who sang American Boy with Kanye West. But you should check her other songs also. This is the longest playlist of one artist I have given you guys, so... please support her and buy her album. You'll see, this girl is the bomb!
Im not your substitute lover, oh no...
American Boy
You Are
Love Hangover
People Everyday
No Subsitute Love

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Now how did i
Just how did I become that kind of guy
To look at girl and lie right in the eye

Heartbreaker by ft Cheryl Cole

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Now I Know

Sam Sparro

Sam Sparro’s music is the sum of his church choir upbringing, his international cultivation and his penchant for back-alley warehouse parties and clubs.
As a child, Sam was a low-mileage triple-threat Christian school boy who acted in commercials and plays, sang in church, and danced just about anywhere there was open space. After moving from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles at the age of 10, he continued to sing in church – learning from some of greatest session singers LA had to offer. Singers that had performed with Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Chaka Kahn and the likes were booking Sam to sing on Demos, TV Shows and records With his unique universal appeal Sam Sparro has already single-handedly wooed the rather spoiled Los Angeles music scene with his grace and signature wit. Currently featuring a semblance of laptops, keytar, and vocals, his presence is reminiscent of the funk greats of the 80’s. His seductive, soulful vocals on top of post-modern electro beats however, make him distinctly 21st century.
When I was a little boy
Living in the last century
I thought about
Living in the future
Then it occurred to me
I turned around
The future was now
The future was all around me
Nothing like I imagined
It was totally confounding
21st Century Life
Black and Gold
Hot Mess

She and Him

She and Him
Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward—who first met in 2006 for a movie soundtrack project for the film the Go-Getter in which they recorded a version of Richard and Linda Thompson’s “When I Get To The Border”—have recorded an album under the moniker She & Him. Sensibly (or optimistically) titled Volume One. The album was released on March 18, 2008 on Merge Records

According to Merge, at that initial studio session the two “were immediately struck by one another’s talents and found an instant rapport. During a conversation about their shared love of old records, Zooey let slip that she wrote her own songs, which she recorded alone at home on her computer. Somewhat shy about sharing these musical morsels, she was eventually persuaded to send them to M. He was instantly impressed, and they soon reconvened at his Portland studio to begin work. Recorded over a period of several months between acting work (She) and touring commitments (Him), the pair found time to bring Zooey’s fledgling songs to gorgeous fruition.”
Why don't you sit right down and make me smile? (uh huh)
You make me feel like I am just a child
Why do you end it?
Just give me credit
I'm just sitting on the shelf
Why Do You Let Me Stay Here
You Really Got A Hold On Me

She Loves Everybody

And i know she loves me.
She loves everybody.
She Loves Everybody by Chester French

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