Friday, July 11, 2008

Estelle, Not A One Hit Wonder

As one of the most respected British hip-hop artists to emerge in recent years, Estelle enjoyed success in the UK with her 2004 hits 1980 and Free. But this was just preparation for even more success, the single American Boy with Kanye West topped the UK Charts for several weeks in April 2008. To date, she has released two albums, The 18th Day (2004) and Shine (2008). Estelle’s unique sound is gathered from many musical corners from gospel to motown, with rimshot-peppered jazz skits, dramatic, string-laden orchestral productions, and sultry ballads thrown in for good measure.

Yeah, she's the one who sang American Boy with Kanye West. But you should check her other songs also. This is the longest playlist of one artist I have given you guys, so... please support her and buy her album. You'll see, this girl is the bomb!
Im not your substitute lover, oh no...
American Boy
You Are
Love Hangover
People Everyday
No Subsitute Love

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