Sunday, June 8, 2008

Walter Meego

Walter Meego
It’s 3 AM and you’re giggling with inebriation. You’re wearing painfully tight jeans. You just made out with a complete stranger on the dancefloor, and you haven’t sat down in over eight hours. Where are you? You are smack in the middle of Walter Meego’s world, and you have a knowing, gleeful smirk on your face.

Walter Meego is not a dude, but a duo. Justin Sconza and Colin Yarck, the heart and soul (respectively) of Walter Meego, are two rare suburban white boys who intuitively understand the subliminal power of synthy, salacious bass. Effervescent pop is Walter Meego’s specialty, and it flies out of speakers like a Pegasus riding a cheetah.

Google Walter Meego. Go on, Google them. You’ll find page after page of glowing promise, blog after blog of hyperbole. It’s because Walter Meego pull from a rainbow of inspiration, attractive to anyone who has affixed a critic’s cap. Their live show (featuring a third member, Andrew Bernhardt) is an electric revival meeting, and the band has completed a few hotly attended full-US tours (most notably with The Presets and VHS or Beta). For Walter Meego’s audience, the delicious body-jacking beats are just the beginning.

Vocalist Justin Sconza has a voice that floats in and out of sounding like a mixture between Riff Raff from Rocky Horror Picture Show and a helium-sucking John Lennon. His voice is ear-pricking and ultimately exhilarating. Band backbone Colin Yarck is a knob-manipulating marvel.
You know I'll wait forever
If I have time to
But I don't have forever
To wait for you yeah
So when I say I want
Us to be together
Just say you want me too
And I'll be yours forever
Through a Keyhole

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