Sunday, April 27, 2008

Marie Digby

Marié Digby
Marié (pronounced mar-ee-ay) is an up-and-coming artist who resides in Los Angeles, California, United States. She has gained much popularity through her channel on YouTube and her airtime on Star 98.7 FM.

Marié Digby is a singer from Los Angeles, California. She was born April 16th, 1983 in New York and grew up in the LA.
Digby, had a normal childhood, but was always a little shy, feeling more comfortable hiding under the bleachers during high school football games than in front of a crowd. She started playing the piano in High School and began to secretly write songs, even hiding them from her family.

While a senior in high school, the timid and nervous Marié Digby signed up for a talent show. Although she was nervous to perform, she went on anyway and the audience loved it. This would be the first of many performances.

She began University of California at Berkely in 2002 as a philosophy major. She was on the three-day schedule (she took all her classes in three days) so she would have more time to play with the new band she had formed. She was performing all over the Los Angeles area, including places such as the infamous Whiskey a Go Go and The Troubadour.
Say it Again
Bring me Love

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