Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yes That's Their Name

Natalie Portman's Shaved Head
Luke Smith and Shaun Libman always wanted to form an electronic band; the only problem was they couldn’t play any electronic instruments. After their initial attempt at being an “a cappella electronic band” failed, they turned to a nearby drum machine and synthesizer (both made before the members were born), and began experimenting with pop vocals about fruit snacks and girls’ faces that fell off at parties, sung over awkward electronic thumps. Eventually they learned to tame their noisemaking machines into booty-bouncing beat bangers and sweet-squirting synth strainers, and they recruited two more members, David Price and Claire England, from their musically-inclined friend pool to help lay down the law live. Soon, they began to rock like a real band—and dance, and thrust, and scream, and gyrate, and flail naked baby dolls … After only their first show at the grand opening of 826 Seattle, they were featured in three major local publications—The Stranger, The Seattle Times, Seattle Metropolitan Magazine—and had a quote about them by national best-selling author, Dave Eggers (who was on hand at the gig). But don’t think these boys and girl have stopped there; now you should think of Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head as traveling in a large rolling house to their all of their shows, bringing the ripe enthusiasm and energy of teenage house parties, combined with their creative brand of electro-pop, wherever they go. These babies are ripe and ready to be eaten. It’s a delicious explosion of freak-dance synthpop and unbridled teenage imagination!
I see you in your room.
Me + Yr Daughter
Hush Hush
Slow Motion Tag Team
Iceage Babeland


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