Saturday, July 26, 2008

Your Cup of Coffee

Anyone who'll listen to Jay-R's Soul in Me could be forever daydreaming. I haven't heard any smooth vocals lately in the local scene(OPM) until this album popped out.+/-


There's this seemingly magical quality in JayR's own kind of music and in his personality. People are instantly attracted to him as he walks inside a room. The attraction becomes even stronger as he starts to perform. The moment the person and the music assumes a single, harmonious creation, it's sheer enchantment! Truly, JayR's excitingly or enchantingly charming music is rather difficult to describe in mere words. Specially when the artist who delivers that distinctive sound to us is always able to whip up such strong impact. Just what exactly is this new R&B guy named Jay R? How can he weave such musical magic? Why do fans flock to his live shows? Endless questions but each one of them has an apt answer.

1. One Hundred Ways
2. Just To See Her
3. You Make Me Feel Brand New
4. Love Won't Make Me Wait
5. Always And Forever
6. After The Love Has Gone
7. No One Else Comes Close
8. Time Will Reveal
9. She's Out Of My Life
10. Two Occasions
11. Sweet Love
12. What You Won't Do For Love
13. What's Going On
14. Ain't No Sunshine
15. Neither One Of Us
16. Tender Love
17. You Are My Lady
18. Tattooed On My Mind With D'Sound



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Anonymous said...

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