Saturday, August 16, 2008

Albert Hammond, Jr.


Albert Hammond, Jr.
Albert Hammond, Jr. (born April 9, 1980, in Los Angeles) is a musician and member of the rock band The Strokes. The Strokes today are a successful band, arguably because of their ability to produce albums of great sound and lyrics while overcoming the ‘wealthy heirs’ stigma. Albert is usually seen playing an olympian white Fender Stratocaster, or bandmate Nick Valensi’s Les Paul Jr. He is usually associated with the “rhythm” guitar portion of the majority of Strokes songs, and most solos are played by Valensi. The solos in which Albert does play are Last Nite, Trying Your Luck, Take It Or Leave It, Under Control, The End Has No End, Ize Of The World, and Vision Of Division. His solos tend to focus largely on more emotional, “bluesy”-type melodical work, and the guitar tends to have a cleaner, softer tone in comparison to Valensi’s (with a noteable exception found in Vision Of Division). He often holds the guitar in a high horizontal position, similar to Bob Dylan and Ian Curtis.
Inside me,
there's a sad machine,
wants to stop movin
I disagree for the things you do
You should stop doin ...oh!
Miss Myrtle

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