Sunday, August 3, 2008

Another Soul Obsession

Thor, premier R&B singer, performer & songwriter steps out into the spotlight with his new album "Soul Obsessions: Duets With Thor". A remix of songs heard on the WAVE 89.1 playlist, but this time sung with Thor’s favorite people. The album features the best singers in the recording industry today.+/-

R&B dominates the over-all sound of the album of course, and Thor, a great soul singer in his own right (an Awit awardee no less) shuns the twist and turns of R&B singing in the album opener in favor of some good old fashioned singing – putting the song first and histrionics on the sideline as evidenced by the sublime vocal yearnings of Thor and MYMP’s Juris Fernandez on Be My Number Two, of course Chin Alcantara isn’t far behind on the guitar. The classy duet on the standard You Don’t Know Me with the fresh voiced bossa singer Sofia is also a sample championing substance over technique.

Track Listing:
1.Obb Intro
2.Be My Number Two ( With Mymp )
3.What About Love ( With Jay Durias Of South Border )
4.Spend My Life With You ( With Amber )
5.Whenever You Call ( With Nina )
6.Suddenly ( With Jinky Vidal Of Freestyle )
7. Everytime I Close My Eyes ( With Natural High )
08. The Girl Is Mine ( With Luke Mejares )
09. You Don't Know Me ( With Sofia )
10. I'm Ready ( With Cesar Aguas On Guitar )
11. Just One Dance ( With Jerome Nunes On Violin )
12. Home

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