Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dr. Dog


Dr. Dog
Dr. Dog is a psychedelic rock group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which formed in 1999. The current lineup consists of Scott “Taxi” McMicken (vocals, guitar), Toby “Tables” Leaman (bass), Zach “Text” Miller (keyboards, guitar), Sukey “Thanks” Jumps (guitar) and Juston “Trouble” Stens (drums). r. Dog has been creating music in various incarnations for a good four years now. Beginning with The Psychedelic Swamp, a concept album realized in the damp ruin of a flooded basement with waterlogged guitars and a digital delay pedal, the band has simmered on the back burner of our musical lives for most of its existence but we’ve recently renewed our resolve to forge ahead and give Dr. Dog the attention we think it deserves.
God, he called for rain
So I built a ark, but no rain came
I was ashamed

Man, he called for war
So I built a gun and I joined the corps
But I was unsure

Love, she asked for more
But what I gave only made her poor
I wasn't sure

The dove, she promised land
As she laid the branch right into my hand
There was no land

Ooh, what does it mean to be here?
Well, I know because I can and I will
Yes, I know because I can and I wil

Old Days

FATE July 22, 2008

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