Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Morning Benders

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The Morning Benders
The young San Francisco indie pop quartet bring their youthful insight to the realm of music mostly dominated by older Beatles cover bands. Their upbeat lyrics and songs challenge you not to tap your foot. Having shared the stage with other bands such as The Kooks, MGMT, and The White Rabbits, makes these boys seasoned vets. Don’t let their age deceive you, their musical compositions are sophisticated, and pay homage to a more simple time in music.

There's nothing left to talk about but there's plenty left to do
and if it's all the same to me you know it'll be different to you
I'm getting tired of living like i'm dying while the world is moving on
Here i am in the graveyard waiting for a war
I'm here, i'm calling out your name
I've been here before
Waiting for a War
Boarded Doors
Why Dont They Let Us
Dreams Cover
Lovefool Cover

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