Friday, August 29, 2008

Top Notch Artist: Așa


Așa (real name is Bukola Elemide) is a Nigerian, Paris born, soul musician with very personal, humorous and light emotional lyrics.
On October 16th 2007, she released her first self-titled album with the Naïve label. She sings in English and Yoruba, her native Nigerian language. Așa (pronounced ‘Asha’) means falcon in Yoruba. Her influences are soul artists like Marvin Gaye, reggae artists Bob Marley, african artists like Fela Kuti, and jazz artists like Nina Simone. She describes her own music style as ‘fusion’.

Just the other day, the other day
I was talking to the weather man
About today oh oh oh
And all,all he could say
Was no one knows tomorrow
See I can read the weather child
I can say maybe the rain will fall
The sun will shine oh oh ohh….
But that’s as far as my story goes
No One Knows

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