Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dont Be So Dandy


There's been a lot of new tracks surfacing lately. But only some are worth bringing up, dont you think? Or maybe its just me?

Whatcha Think About That (Darkchild Remix)- Pussycat Dolls
I admit it already, I like PCD. Now dont dare throw that glances on me, I know you do too. :)

Ottoman - Vampire Weekend
For the second time again, why does Vampire Weekend has soo many detractors? Lay out the issues pls.

Watch Out- Chris Cornell
I miss Audioslave. Nonetheless Im enjoying this one. I could even dance to this.
Pick it up, watch out now pick it up!+/-

Something Crazy- Ashanti
I love love her.

Gives You Hell- The All-American Rejects
I normally dont listen to this band but this song is an exception. Maybe its because of their name. Oops! Erase that.

Human- The Killers
Cmon people, help me with this one.. Are we denser or dancers? And dont tell me to google it up..

Something is Not Right With Me- The Cold War Kids
I'd said it before, il say it again. The intro reminds me one of Mika's songs. Coincidence? Weird.

Electric Feel (MGMT Cover)- Katy Perry
Care to listen to another MGMT cover?

My Love is Better- Annie
My love is better (Than your love)
My heart is better (Than your heart)
My moves are better (Than your moves)
My shoes move better
And I'm be-be-be-better
My kiss is wetter (Than your kiss)
My lips are better (Than your tricks)
You know you never (Had my hips)
I'm so much better (So eat this)

Nuff said.

Family Reunion (feat. David Banner)- Kid Sister
Another feel good track from Kid Sister, what could possibly go wrong with this track.

That's it for now. Im totally cramped right now. Lots love!

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Anonymous said...

I really like the new song from The Killers, but it makes no sense at all.