Saturday, September 13, 2008

Get Set Go


One thing that amazes me about Get Set Go is their capability to express anger while chanelling it to sweet and mellow songs much more intended for poppy pop songs. You thought you're listening to another love-me-coz-i-love-you-masquerade thats heard everywhere, til you hear the lyrics and begin to understand the story of the songs. Not to confuse you though, this band hit the spot in balancing the melody and words of the songs, just in their own momentum. And yes they can also be romantic.+/-

Get Set Go

Get Set Go is a band formed in 2003 in Highland Park, Los Angeles, California. They are generally seen as indie rock. Their main songwriter is known as "Mike TV." They are known for a tendency to mix dark lyrics with upbeat or "catchy" melodies.
When I climbed out of my van he was waiting
But he was six three and two hundred pounds of Satan
I Hate Everyone
Ill Come Around
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