Wednesday, September 10, 2008

If I'll Close my Eyes...

Current mood:
a.oblivious on whats going on, but alive still
b.need to sleep badly

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I know Ive been posting mediocre stuff lately aside from the exhausting recovery of my playlists. With the midterms coming, tons of return demonstrations (guess now what i do...) endless homeworks and others, Id be lucky to be able to sleep 4 hours every day. Yeah, it sucks BIGTIME!
But folks dont worry, Ill make up to you soon.
Also, I wanna share my thanks for making me no.1 in last week. Still cant believe it coz compare to other much better elite blogs there, mine is rather juvenile in an obnoxious way. You may notice that Im still experimenting on what I really want to do with this blog. +/-

Meanwhile, I found a song thats currently featured on the new ad of iPod nano commercial. iPod nano commercials have been known to be very influential in terms of promoting and introducing the music of artists in their ads. Also it helps that these artist have top-notch sounds. Start naming now coz there's a lot! Chairlift was given this chance. The song in the ad is "Bruises" which is from their album "Does You Inspire You".

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Bruises by Chairlift

I haven't listen to their other songs but this one doesn't need to be complicated to be appreciated.

Apple 4th-gen iPod nano ad: nano-chromatic

Now i gotta go sleep. So long folks!

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