Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Jakes


I cant believe Im really making an effort in writing on this blog. I'm pretty lazy and most of the time I dont make a point. Ha! Thats nuff of me.
I stumbled recently on a superb site which features fresh new artists. One can listen songs there and even download with the artist' permission. This is where I discovered 'The Jakes'. Their song, Cough Syrup hooked me up instantly on the first listen. That's how good this band is. The Daily Chorus even described the band's album not mass-produced and crafted carefully which other so-called popular hype indie bands claim. For me, the mixture of drums and other instruments killed me.+/-

The Jakes

The Jakes is an avant-garde indie rock band from Orange County that finds comfort in traditionalism through Whiskey Blues, Sinatra, and eclectic chant. The Jakes EP Shake My Hand, is fueled with the acumen and panache of the collegiate coast, and has conjured a persona of the experimental collective spirit. Nonetheless, Shake My Hand, has equipped artillery to youth, and with this new-fangled weaponry, The Jakes introduce themselves to the music world with fireworks.
These fishes in the sea they’re staring at me
A wet world longs for a beat of a drum

Shake My Hand
Paid the Piper
Texas Tea

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