Monday, September 22, 2008



Never heard of them before?

Eraserheads, dubbed as "the only pinoy band that matters" is a household name in Philippines (even global) during 90's til this day. Their music is unclassifiable, they recklessly walk the crooked line between the underground and the mainstream with a mix of alternative, pop, rock and everything in-between, instantly familiar yet totally unheard of. The Eraserheads have gone from being the biggest "flukes" to being the biggest thing ever to happen to the Philippine music industry.+/-

They took their name from the title of a movie by David Lynch that they read while flipping through the pages of a magazine. When they saw the movie years later, they concluded that it had a dark and confusing theme, thank God the name didn't bring bad luck to their careers.

Eraserheads was formed in 1989 by four students from the University of the Philippines Diliman. The original lineup consisted of Ely Buendia on vocals and rhythm guitar, Raimund Marasigan on drums, Marcus Adoro on lead guitar and Buddy Zabala on bass.

Eraserheads was one of the most popular pop rock bands in the Philippines during the alternative rock explosion of the early 90s. The Eraserheads was also regarded as the band that opened the commercial doors for other aspiring Filipino Rock bands. The band’s debut album, Ultraelectromagneticpop, released in 1993 by BMG Records, was a commercial success, paving the way for other acts like Parokya ni Edgar, Rivermaya, and Yano to break into the mainstream. The album also brought the underground “college-rock” scene into public awareness.

However, after succeeding release of albums, it was confirmed that the main songwriter and lead singer, Ely Buendia, had left the band in mid-March 2002 for “reasons unknown”. Fans were devasted but nonetheless glad that the members channel their music prowess to different bands.

After more than 5 years of waiting , it was confirmed that the legendary OPM rock band the Eraserheads will reunite for a one-night concert to be held at the CCP Open Grounds on August 30, 2008. Unfortunately, the concert was cut short after Ely Buendia experienced chest pains due to emotional and physical stress. He was however reported to be in stable condition.

Avid fans clamor for repeat. Who could blame them, when Eraserheads change the sound of Pinoy rock by fusing the diverse music of the Filipinos.
We'll all be waiting, thats for sure.

Listen to their amazing pieces.
Julie Tearjerky
Huling El Bimbo
With A Smile
Trip To Jerusalem
Hard to Believe
Huwag Kang Matakot
Poorman's Grave


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