Saturday, September 6, 2008

Reason to Love Meiko


I couldn't remember how I found her when my friends haven't even heard her music. And the last time I checked, I cant find a decent site with her name. That kinda sucks.+/-


Meiko is an indie-pop artist who recently released an album under the Myspace Records label earlier this August. Meiko is not new to the music scene- Meiko's last album was the #1 folk album on iTunes and got more than 200,000 downloads. Her sound consists of plucky guitars & lyrics alongside her pop beats, and coupled with her lovely youthful voice, it makes for quite an enjoyable experience.
Give me a reason to fall in love
Take my hand and let's dance
Give me a reason to make me smile
Cause I think I forgot how
Reasons to Love You
Piano Song
Boys with Girlfriends

The news is she'll be releasing her album on Sept. 9. It features two songs "Said And Done" and "Under My Bed", one song remixed, "Walk By", and a brand-new song called "Boys With Girlfriends".

Special thanks to Guilt Free Pleasure!


Mel said...

Oh Meiko, she warms my soul. She is so amazing! I am so glad to see her populairty growing. She's going to be on few shows this coming month too. Just so you know I found this awesome duet she did. Her amazing voice along with artist AM titled "New Road". Only on his myspace,

Anonymous said...

Wanted to clear up a couple of things...

Meiko is re-releasing her self-titled debut album on September 9 (this Tuesday!)

The album features two songs re-recorded ("Said And Done" and "Under My Bed"), one song remixed ("Walk By"), and a brand-new song called "Boys With Girlfriends".

Lucky Ear isn't the name of the album - it's the name of her record label. The album will be released through Lucky Ear/MySpace/DGC.

Hope that clears things up! Keep up the great music tips!

Lily Chou said...

thanks for the info!!

Richie said...

oh wow I forgot all about her she is so good!

Anonymous said...

Just got the Meiko duet with AM on iTunes called New Road. Its on high rotation now. Maybe AM should write Meiko's songs for her they are a bit simple but her voice is nice.