Friday, September 5, 2008

Metro Station


Hmmm, I dont know why this band reminds me of Jonas Brothers. No, erase that! Go forth and listen to their music.+/-

Metro Station

If one was to make a musical time capsule of 2007 – a collection of sounds and lyrics reflecting the energy of our moment – it might be a good idea to drop in a copy of Metro Station’s eponymous debut record. Sure, the band is young (ok, still in fake ID territory), but Metro Station’s brazenly catchy dance hooks and yearning lyrics perfectly capture what it feels like to be a teenager in today’s culture.

This is a band that was weaned on and made by the Internet, whose dedicated legion of online fans made them MySpace stars in a matter of weeks. This is a band that caught the early attention of Alternative Press (earning a spot as one of the magazine’s “22 Best Underground Bands”), along with URB and Teen Vogue magazines, months before they signed to a label. Metro Station is a band that, despite their youth, have made their way from greasy mall jobs to recording with Motion City Soundtrack in the same year. They are truly a product of their times and their generation, and they are ready to take advantage of it.
Shake It
Seventeen Forever

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