Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rarity: Rod Thomas


There are times when I want to shoot my head whenever I hear a song (believe me i do this always and i don't know why). Now its either I cant contain myself on how beautiful the song is or my brain couldn't possibly contemplate why the song was made in the first place. Rod Thomas certainly is in the first category. With a name slightly familiar with a mainstream artist, one might just skim his name. He, definitely deserves some fuss with his fresh, upbeat and utterly almost-perfect sound. Don't take my word for it, you go listen for your self.+/-

Rod Thomas

Rod Thomas is a singer/songwriter who grew up between two villages in the South Wales valleys with not much else to do but learn how to play a number of instruments and start to write his own songs. Often described as “acoustic disco”, Rod’s music is made using a loop pedal, handclaps, acoustic guitars and percussion to orchestrate tales of life, love, and dancing at discos.
or we'll go down to the city and dance like there's nobody watching, if there is then we don't care
we'll go down to the sea and I'll take your hand and say please please
your love is a tease
Your Love Is A Tease
You Get Goodbyes
Good Coat

Check out for his new single 'Same Old Lines' which will be release soon.


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Thomas said...

I just went on your blog after you left that comment on the rod thomas post on my blog!
Explains why you were excited!