Sunday, September 14, 2008

Remix This!


My love for music encompasses different genres, but i do admit remix is the least genre you'll find on my player. If the non-remix version totally rocks my ass, why improvise it right?
Of course there are those better pumped up with more beats and bass to fully accentuate the songs. And even I couldn't resist to maximize the volume.+/-

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Heidi said...

WOW. I was looking for a copy of Fortisphere by Immuzikation and came upon this post through I certainly got MUCH more than I expected. You know how you click one entry on Wikipedia and end up reading the damn thing for three hours? That's what your post did for me and remixes--like you, remixes aren't generally my first go-to songs, but this led me down a seductive path and now I have a really kick-ass playlist in the works for Halloween weekend. Thanks to you, I'll be doing the thriller dance in no time. Cheers!