Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ana Laan


Genteeled from different cultures, it is just expected of Ana Laan's music to be refined as well. Stockholm satire and the Latin tonal pattern trademark is very eminent in her songs. Her single, 'Paradise' is a bonus track on ITunes but hey, the song is so rad that I bet it'll encourage you to buy her album.+/-

Ana Laan

The startling, romantic voice of singer Ana Laan was born in Madrid and matured in Stockholm, Sweden. The daughter of a Spanish professor of literature and an American mother, Ana was raised in a home where learning was revered and multi-culturalism was the norm.

She has felt what the outsider feels as she has traveled from country to country which makes the intimacy and domestic charm of her debut Nardis Music release all the more remarkable. It is the other side of her internationalism, the voice of the internal emigre, so common in the world today as we all seek our own geographic and emotional roots. Ana Lann has learned to personalize the modern human condition in a very intimate way.
Paradise sounds pretty nice
But nothing could be better than this
Nothing could be better than this
Low Tech Lady

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