Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And She Said, Go Funk Yourself


I sometimes marvel how an artist isn't push commercially when all the right ingredients are there. Nikka Costa has been around long enough to be equated to the likes of Joss Stone and Amy Winehouse. Why do others compare anyone in soul/funk genre to Amy Winehouse? Tamer, grittier, fatter and the list goes on and on... I enjoy Winehouse' sound but cmon.+/-

Nikka Costa

Nikka Costa is an American singer whose music combines elements of funk, soul, and blues, among other genres. Though she is relatively unknown in the United States, she has achieved impressive commercial success overseas. Nikka Costa is releasing her next album, "Pebble to a Pearl" this Oct 14. "Stuck to You" however is available via itunes.

Pebble To A Pearl -- the latest radiant gem by the gifted singer-songwriter and performer Nikka Costa -- is far and away her most direct and convincing musical statement yet. If this is Costa’s most pleasing album to date -- and it clearly is -- then it’s exactly because the woman singing to us so powerfully has finally found the creative freedom to first and foremost please herself.
If you a star I be your milky way
If you a bar I drink up everyday
If you the town I be the talk
If you the talk baby I be the walk

If you wanna dig I be your gold baby
If you wanna live I be your old age
You be the time I be the clock
You be the tick I be the tock

If you wanna race I run like crazy
If you wanna ride I drive ya daily
If you a beach I be the sand
You wanna give I be your hand
Stuck to You
Cry Baby
Everybody Got Their Something
Like A Feather

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