Friday, October 31, 2008

Andrew Bird

Knowing I havent post him yet, I decided to show some love. Multi-instrumentalist and lyricist Andrew Bird is releasing his new album, "Noble Beast" next year. Since the beginning of his career, Andrew Bird released overall nine albums. He grew up listening to classical repertoire, Hungarian Gypsy music, early jazz, country blues, south Indian and others which lead his music to be seasoned with prolific lyrical artistry and brilliant arrangements. I admit, I have a strong affinity with artists playing violins and not to mention he also whistles in his songs. +/-

Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird’s songs are small Chinese treasure boxes and illustrious Spanish buffets. Elaborately decorated, orchestrated with art, rich with a multitude of hidden drawers, filled with tiny, unexpected boxes and surprises, his songs glide on with episodic movements.
If I need your advice
I will let you know
Oh No
Core and Rind