Sunday, October 26, 2008

Built For The Sea

I love this band. They are one of the few whose music (name also) speaks for itself. Take heed that they are dubbed as a non-pretentious mellow rock band. I swear I don't sugarcoat my posts so you got to take my word when I say this band makes dreamy and captivating music that will haunt you senseless. Be sure also to listen to their remarkable cover of 'Baby Its Cold Outside'.+/-

Built For The Sea

Built for the Sea’s sound can be described as dreamy indie pop music with Rose’s beautiful, haunting vocals at the forefront, backed by melodic instrumentals. The band’s passionate and lush live performances can captivate an audience, which has resulted in a loyal local fan base. Built for the Sea has been just as supportive of the local community as it has been of the band, making a case for reciprocity and the importance of friends. 'It’s not just about making money and promoting your own band – it’s about community,' says Rose. 'Make friends – make real friends – and actually go out there and support other bands.
i really i cant stay
(but baby its cold outside)
ive got to go away
(but baby its cold outside)
Baby Its Cold Outside
The Re(Adjust)


Ali said...

this joint ain't really my cup of tea, but after months of scouring your b-log for new records i had to finally show a little love. keep up the good work yo, and more dance records please!

J - Dawn said...

Huy, dili ikaw jots oi. Haha. Kuratan pud ta nimo ah. Basta, nagmention man pud siya once nga garead siya sa akong blog so mao to. Hahaha. Kakulba sad nimo oi.

Dramaa lage ka kadjot ai. Heheh. Musta sembreak?

Lili Chou said...

Sure, as soon as the wind pick a direction.

Carolyn said...

After having these songs in my music library for the week that's been, they've been endlessly on repeat. I especially love their cover of "Baby, It's Cold Outside". Lia Rose's vocals are truly haunting. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

hi jotyyy..nahan lgi ko ani ai...aus au imo mga songs!!!weeeeee!


Lili Chou said...

Nice Malyn noh? Hehe.