Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Camerawalls


Introduced by my nagging friend who kept requesting me to post this band, The Camerawalls is slowly proving others that they're not another local wannabe rockstars. I never heard of them before which is somewhat ironic since we're on the same side of the globe. So spread the news folks.+/-

The Camerawalls

Manila produces miracles of design too far-out from what normally is heard or seen by the majority. The Camerawalls is keen to create ripples of combined nostalgia and pop outings.

Formed sometime in September 2007 by Clementine, formerly of the indie- pop/rock sensation Orange & Lemons, he chose to collaborate with old friends and drummer Ian Sarabia, and former bassist from years ago Law Santiago. Armed with his acoustic guitar Clementine returns to his indie roots with a new 3-piece line up – The Camerawalls.

After nine months of sowing the seeds and taking baby steps they have released a collection of pop songs for a full-length independent album. July 3, 2008 marked the release of “Pocket Guide To The Otherworld”.
Markers of Beautiful Memories
Clinically Dead for 16 Hours
Canto de Maria Clara
Solitary North Star


Famous Quotes said...

Thanks for the heads up

Jeune said...

The Camerawalls sounds like Rivermaya IMO. But I really like their songs. I wonder why they're not making waves right now. Guess I haven't been listening to the radio. hehe.

Lili Chou said...

Really? I haven't catch up on Rivermaya lately though. I think Camerawalls' songs are not raving the air currently.