Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Harmony of Fredrik

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This band is a definite long-delayed post. When I receive a newsletter or recommendation, I dont obligely post them right away. I listen to their music instead of criticizing them. Everyone should try it, it will limit the percentage of so-called music fanatics who claim they've heard a song but really haven't. I know, I know... I have issues. Anyway, who is Fredrik? The band who brought us 'Black Fur' fluxes auric pleasure with imaginative chronicles. They also subdued folk songs with taunting patterns. I like that. If you like them also, look out for the release of Na Na Ni album on October 28.+/-


Fredrik is a new remarkable pop outfit, casually capturing the spirit of classic storybook drama through a highly personal, foresty brand of experimental pop. Despite the name, Fredrik is actually a small orchestra of six, sporting input from some of the very finest of the swedish pop and experimental underground (Band in Box, Scraps of Tape, Vit Päls, The LK). Drawing on traditional european folk influences like The Fairport Convention or Bo Hansson, crooning songwriters as well as a host of eclectic references like Moondog, Steve Reich, Jim O'Rourke, Maja Ratke or Barbara Morgenstern, Fredrik forges a sound that is both eclectic and homecomingly soothing.
Black Fur
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Free Music said...

well i am sure this will interest lot of folks

Anonymous said...

this blog rocks!!!
more detractors will come your way
just keep on playing the music...

Lili Chou said...

Thanks Anonymous2. Ill be anticipating them. lol

Tora, thanks for the enthusiasm also, even though I don't promote cussing here.... oops, look who's talking :)