Sunday, October 5, 2008


Sooorry about the lack of updates. School has been tough lately. Workloads are pouring constantly in front of my face.

Also, im announcing the change of this blog's name. Pretty impulsive? No. I have been thinking of doing this, but never got the chance. I didnt really give a damn bout the name of this blog, because I was more focused on what Im bringing you. So, what do you think?

To my affiliates, I would really appreciate it if youll modify to the new name. Thanks.

That's it for now. See ya!


chanteuse sanders said...

hy Metaphor? I was thinking of something better... Something that would stick to other people's minds yah know?

Anyways have you heard of the New Young Pony Club (Twelves Remix) of Get Lucky? Its pretty rad. Visit here nlang:

Ciao jotski...

Leo023 said...

wow. so cool! I like the new name!!

keep up the good work!