Friday, October 17, 2008

They Kept Coming Back


I have been eying this band for a couple of months now. I actually forgotten about them until GG featured one of their songs. How could I describe their sound? Well, lets make this easier for you to contemplate--Bossanova meets Rock meets Pop meets Indie. Nah? Go on and listen to their tracks while I devour on their album. +/-

The 88

Like their music, The 88 have traveled an eclectic road to Not Only...But Also , their major label debut for Island Records . Using an organic combination of old and new school in their approach to music - and its marketing - the band's catchy melodies have found a growing audience through TV, film and commercial placements, as well as virally online.

The L.A.-based group, whose core consists of vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Keith Slettedahl, keyboardist/songwriter Adam Merrin, and drummer Anthony Zimmitti, has been attracting attention since forming in 2003. Tirelessly playing the local scene, as well as opening nationally for acts like Matt Costa and Smashing Pumpkins, The 88 once served as the late Elliott Smith's backup band, by personal request, for a memorable Orange County performance.

While you may not be familiar with The 88 as a band, you've certainly heard their music. With two independent releases already under their belt (2003's Kind of Light and 2005's Over and Over ), the group has enjoyed a welcome home for their music on TV, in the movies, and as part of widely-seen, national advertising.
Leave it up to me
It's a known disease
How Good Can It Be
Its A Lot
Coming Home~ andysternberg


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