Thursday, October 23, 2008



I anticipated some wouldn't really get O'Death. Now don't get that bloody prejudice inside your head. Actually, this band flows folk songs with a dash of country and gothic variations. Although I haven't heard their past two albums which by the way are greatly recommended by others, the new one, Broken Hymns, Limbs and Skin proved their explicit skill in tickling the senses of their listeners. If you wanna go grab a copy, you gotta wait til Oct 28 for the actual release. Watch out also for their upcoming tour. I heard they're really good live. +/-


O’Death features six members who can lead a straight-up hoot-nanny full of boot-stomping “goth-country” songs. These good ol’ boys use fiddles, guitars, ukuleles, banjos, and trombones to get their rockin’ revelry started. They list some of their influences as being “whiskey” and “Appalachian mountain music,” which is very accurate, but I also hear Neil Young, especially in Greg Jamie’s vocals
Low Tide

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