Saturday, October 18, 2008

She's Pregnant with Songs


This is how we roll. Next stop is Wallis Bird. From the name, you may have guessed her music. Wallis Bird's style ranges from grunge folk to buoyant and lively pop. Overall, her charismatic descend of her songs prompted me post to her. 'Counting to Sleep' has been getting rave reviews but 'Country Bumpkin' is my favorite. Lend an ear guys.+/-

Wallis Bird

Wallis is a 26 year old Irish born singer who had an evident first love for music from the age of 2 when she got her first guitar! She has been involved in diverse projects, musically and otherwise since the age of 11, having written soundtracks to and acted in short films and plays. Wallis has been giging on the Irish music circuit since the age of 17, playing a catalogue of gigs from tiny, smokie, dim-lit bars to big bright festivals; all building up her reputation as a confident performer with songs written in many styles ranging from folk to rock to jazz to contemporary.

Her debut album ‘Spoons’ rocketed into the Top 10 UK Digital Album charts, and earned her comparisons to Janis Joplin, Fiona Apple and Ani di Franco. A spine-tingling cover of The Feeling’s ‘Sewn’ prompted Feeling frontman Dan Gillespie-Sells to comment that ‘she’s taken the song to another dimension….I think her style is beautiful’.
Easy on that lying streak
You’re making me laugh out loud
Is everyone around me here stupid or…
Country Bumpkin
Counting to Sleep
Slow Down

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