Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Recently I stumbled on Tigercity's myspace and found out they just finished mixing their new full length record. Its being mastered shortly, and is currently untitled. This is the unconfirmed track list. 'Pretend Not to Love' was released back on September 09, 2008 and brought along fun tracks such as 'Other Girls' and 'Are You Sensation'. Who didn't dance to this tunes?+/-


Sounding like Bee Gees, Prince and Roxy Music, Tigercity's funky, electro-driven indie-pop was born of a desire to avoid what Gillim calls the "scratchy post-punk guitar sound" New York bands have been milking for the past few years. The group's earliest tracks relied heavily on synthesizers and computerized beats, but their move to New York brought the addition of drummer Aynsley Powell and guitarist Andrew Brady, and with them a progressively refined combination of New Wave's mechanized sheen and funk's organic grooves.
Are You Sensation
Red Lips
Other Girls


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