Saturday, November 8, 2008

Jax Panik


Its very hard to feature a musician that hasn't been blogged before and whom you couldn't contact to for those Press Kit and stuff. My saving grace is at least there were some decent portraits to choose from. Thanks for another great recommendation Saige. Jax Panik sound spells for a sexy mix of pop, rock, and electro, with catchy hooks, emo lyrics, sing-along choruses, and loads of dance appeal. If that kind of charm works for you, then you should listen to his 'Cigarettes and Cinnamon' (just get by the 1st minute and you'll be alright). Awesome.+/-

Jax Panik

From a young age it was clear that he was different from the other kids in his neighbourhood. While they were blowing stuff up and torturing little animals, he took up gymnastics and learnt to play the trombone. In high school Jax joined his first band, a punk act called 22 Stars. At varsity Jax played in various bands, regularly switching from guitarist to bassist to keyboardist, and everything in between! The more he struggled to explain his unique vision to other musicians, the more he wanted to just do his own thing. So he bought some cheap software and started recording and programming his own tracks. Jax Panik was born.
Dont think
Just dance with me baby
Cigarettes and Cinnamon


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