Monday, November 10, 2008

MYMP (Make Your Momma Proud)

Everyone seeks those calm days where they can be lazy all day, do nothing and perhaps listen to nostalgic 90's lounge songs. Folks, I introduce you MYMP. This band has been on my folders for years and I stumbled on them recently. MYMP, short for 'Make Your Momma Proud' is known for their mesmerizing acoustic covers of old songs. If you're in for easy-listening mellow pop, take a listen to MYMP. +/-


MYMP is the author of the sweetest, softest and most soothing music the Philippine Music Industry could have. Pairing up the guitar work of Chin Alcantara and the most angelic voice of Juris Fernandez is truly heaven’s work. This tandem, together with their other band mates, has brought fans and listeners everywhere great music and pleasant times both with their wonderful personalities and their heart-warming songs.
If you'd only say you love me, baby
Things would really work out fine
Say You Love Me
Waiting in Vain
True Colors
The Closer I Get to You
So Perfect


mmrules said...

She sure has a Beautiful voice..
And,is easy on the eyes too.
Do they have a website ?
Thank you.. :)

Lili Chou said...

Yeah, she does have that.
Glad you like them.
Their official website is
I cant find myspace, only multiply- i dont know if youre familiar with this.