Friday, November 14, 2008

Nellie Mckay


Here's another top-notch artist to make your mind go berserk. Nellie Mckay's flair reminds me of The Dresden Dolls melding to the likes of Regina Spektor and her song, 'David' captivated me upon hearing the first note.+/-

Nellie Mckay

Nellie McKay (born Nell Marie McKay on 13 April 1982) is an English-born American singer-songwriter, actress, and former stand-up comedian, noted for her critically acclaimed debut album Get Away from Me and for her Broadway debut in The Threepenny Opera (2006), for which she won a Theatre World Award.
Look at you you're young
Havin' so much fun
Gonna be a star
Blah blah blah
And click there goes the phone
I don't wanna know
What my
Horoscope's predicting
The Dog Song
Toto Dies
Ding Dong

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ottanta/cento said...

Great. During this last year, I discovered here a lot of music that I should have known without. Thanks. And thanks to your suggestions and reviews.