Sunday, January 18, 2009



Kutiman draws influences from afro-beat, psychedelic rock, funk and reggae but in different way than most disciples of Fela and Mr.Brown have done before him. +/-

An impulsive writer and artist, Kutiman tries not to be intelligent with his pieces. Now you may wonder what this means. He plays according to what he feels in that moment, shedding all inhibitons and letting art blend itself together.

The result is a spirited and texturally rich mix of psychedelic soul and Afro-funk, with slippery grooves and snapping beats. His music is not for everybody but if youre in for a genre-swapping listening, Kutiman is a must for your playlist.

No Groove Where I Come From (feat. Elran Dekel)
Trumpet Woman (feat. Karolina)

Music Is Ruling My World

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Anonymous said...

this is great music. the video is also very good. thaks for sharing!