Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunny Day Sets Fire


Tell me, what did you expect to see when you came in here?
Exotic drums, funny clothes, magic tricks to steal?
Did you come to meet a dreamer, yes, or something more?
Did you want strings attached? Well I cut them all.
From a trio creating rock’n’roll and dicso blues in between, Sunny Day Sets Fire evolved to a psychedelic pop quintet band.

Collectively hailing from Italy, Hong Kong, Sardinia, England and Canada; Sunny Day Sets Fire built a nest in East London. This band is recognized by their bright, textured, epic recordings and explosive live performances, which see the band switch instruments to a number of times.

The band released their first single, Brainless, on Brikabrak Records in
2006 and followed it up with the release of Wilderness in the latter part of the year. Sunny Day Sets Fire's Digital EP of Adrenaline is geared for release this 9th of February.

Sunny Day Sets Fire reminds me of bubblegum and playschool hoolahoop.
That's a good sign, I think.



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springhasasister said...

Hey! SDSF rocks!
Misspeled lyrics:
...exotic drums, funny clothes... (even if fairy cloaks sounds nicer! :) )