Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gossip Girl Music Season 2 Episodes 15-25

As a continuation to the first part...,

15: Gone With The Will
Franz Ferdinand - "No You Girls"
The Faint - "Mirror Error"

16: You've Got Yale!
Greycoats- "Watchman, What is Left Of The Night?"
Dan Crey Trio- "If You Could See Me Now"
We Fell To Earth- "The Double"
Cold War Kids- "Mexican Dogs"
P.O.D.- If You Could See Me Now"
Cold War Kids -"Against Privacy"

17: Carnal Knowledge
Light FM - "Black Magic Marker"
will.i.am - "It's a New Day"
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - "With a Heavy Heart (I Regret to Inform You)"
The Dandy Warhols - "Mission Control"
Jessica Lea Mayfield - "Kiss Me Again"
Brighton, MA - "Bet You Never Thought"

18: The Age of Dissonance
Razorlight - "North London Trash"
The New Monarchs - "Kiss Me At the Gate"
Siouxsie and The Banshees - "Hong Kong Garden"

19: The Grandfather
MGMT - "Kids"
Home Video - "I Can Make You Feel It"
One Silver Astronaut - "Band-aid for a Fracture"
Vienne- "Be Alright"

20: Remains of the J
Lady GaGa - "Money Honey"
The Dears - "Lights Off"
The Handcuffs - "Baby Boombox"
Heartsrevolution - "Dance Till Dawn"
Alana D- "Break It Down"

21: Seder Anything
Bjarte Engeset & Malmo Symphony Orchestra - "Anitras Dans (Anitra's Dance)
Stellastarr - "Graffiti Eyes"
Gotan Project & Sarah Vaughan - "Whatever Lola Wants"
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Runaway"
Miss Eighty6 - "Inside Outside"
Dinah Washington - "Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby?"
Flo Rida - "Right Round"

22: A Southern Gentleman Prefers Blondes
Anya Marina - "Waters of March"
Coconut Records - "Is This Sound Okay?"
Xu Xu Fang - "Your Way"
The Kills - "U.R.A. Fever"

23: The Wrath of Con
Say Hi - "Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh"
Gotye - "Heart's a Mess"

24: Valley Girls
Fountains of Wayne - "Prom Theme"
The English Beat - "Mirror In the Bathroom"
Missing Persons - "Destination Unknown"
Huey Lewis and the News - "I Want a New Drug"
Billy Idol - "Dancing With Myself"
No Doubt - "Stand And Deliver"
New Order - "Blue Monday"
Men Without Hats - "The Safety Dance"
Depeche Mode - "Just Can't Get Enough" (duh!)
Freur - "Doot Doot"

25: The Goodbye Gossip Girl
Shiny Toy Guns - "Season of Love"
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Zero"
Hotpipes - "The Future Is Where We Belong"
Say Hi - "The Stars Just Blink for Us"
The Handcuffs - "I Just Wanna' Be Free, Man"
Brighton, MA - "Bet You Never Thought"
Say Hi - "November Was White, December Was Grey"
Coconut Records - "The Summer"



JDawn said...

Let us welcome ourselves back to the blogging world once again! I love Thieves By Tuesday too much to let it rot in its own.
You're going to post episode songs too?
Hehehe. This still is fun, despite the lack of really good music.
I'm making all these promises on my blog biya.. Check it out gane. Hahay. Hopefully, I can live up to them.
So what are you're plans for metaphor?

JDawn said...

we really do have a lot of fun blogging huh?
hahay.. i miss these times jud.
oi, which reminds me, naa koy nadownload na heart sounds ug lung sounds lily chou!
wanna get a copy of the mp3s?