Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Message

The clock keeps ticking and my thoughts are streaming.
These five months have been excessively busy for me and it was not a no-brainer if I should continue tending this blog. In the first place, I never intended for this blog to be as updated as possible. Honestly, I think I put up this as a form of a creative release and a way of looking for people who appreciate music the way I do. So, for the next weeks, months and hopefully years, yours truly will post only random entries and feature bands or singers that necessarily wouldn't be up-to-date with the current music fiasco. One thing's for sure, craptastic sound would be generally filtered as entries would be minimize. I wouldnt necessary promote bands or labels and Metaphor might become my own personal journal. Now I know this isn't any good news but be sure to check out other amazing blogs if you like to stick around to a more all-around and active blog such as Popsense, Persona Sauna, Pretty Much Amazing, TSURURADIO, Pasta Primavera, WAWSTF and Pigeons and Planes.

Thank you for all the support. This blog would be forever grateful. BBS!


ottanta/cento said...

Come on. I don't erase you from my feed aggregator

Will said...

its nice to hear from you! too bad you don't plan on posting reguarly. hopefully you change your mind!

thanks for the shout out, i always truly appreciate it!

hope that all is well!