Friday, May 29, 2009

The Sounds

You know its hurts so bad just like I knew that it would,
But I'd do it again, do it again if I could.
This is another band Ive been meaning to bring up even before the mini-hiatus of this blog. The Sounds is a Swedish New Wave band with influences of punk and pop/Synth-pop. They somehow reminds me of The Clicks in retrospect with bands also such as Roxette and Ace of Base. +/-

The Sounds
is about to release their new album "Crossing the Rubicon" this 2nd of June. They are set also to play series headlining No Doubt as part of the latter's Summer Tour 2009. Proceed to their page for additional details.

4 Songs and a Fight (Crossing the Rubicon)
No One Sleeps When Im Awake (Crossing the Rubicon)
My Lover (Crossing the Rubicon)
Rock and Roll (Living in America)
Tony the Beat (Dying to Say This to You)
Painted by Numbers (Dying to Say This to You)


In some manner their songs have formula that got enough drums and bass along with the resonating vocals for one to keep going. Just pulsating and stellar, and I couldn't wait for them to release new stuff as of now I have been loving the songs from their upcoming new album.


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